Karuna Writer's Residency

Karuna for Writers


The Karuna Writer's Residency is located on Animal Care Sanctuary in East Smithfield and Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Our aim is to nurture writers and champion loving care for animals.  

Here's how the residency works. Writers, you receive a private room on Animal Care Sanctuary where you can work at your craft. You may apply to stay with us for two, three, or four weeks. In exchange, you complete a service project that supports Animal Care Sanctuary’s commitment to the humane treatment of animals. To ensure this project is unique and fun for you, you will propose potential project ideas to the staff at Karuna in your application.

Over fifty years old, Animal Care Sanctuary is one of the oldest and largest no-kill shelters for companion pets in the United States. The sanctuary is sprawled across 200 acres of woods, fields, and trails. It offers close proximity to budding artistic communities in northeastern Pennsylvania and the serenity of the Finger Lakes region.

So come write your books, scripts, stories, songs, and poems with us. You'll be in the company of sweet animals and their equally sweet caretakers as you cultivate a better planet with your service, warmth, and words.